Sunday, 19 November 2017

Shades of Autumn


Well I can't say that I've been out on the Heath very much this Autumn what with being
so involved with my Console/Cabinet project. Maybe there's still time to get out there
and snap away a few seasonal pictures before the trees are stripped of their colours.

The above image is one of my favourites and was taken in late October 2015.

Bonfire Night and Fireworks!

Held a little late this year was a local firework display at one of the local Hampstead
Schools on what must have been one of our first cold evenings.
Even my fingers felt cold to the bone after hanging around while there was a
delayed technical start to set things off. But at least it's one local event that's still
going strongly. We were hoping that it would be arranged for Saturday 4th November.
Instead it was held a week later on Saturday 11th.

And looking at my local Ham & High newspaper I was thrilled to read that our very own
once annual Hampstead Christmas Fair and Light switch on is back on this year after the
event got so big that no sponsors were brave enough to take it on. So that should be
something to look forward to in a couple of weeks. Lets hope it wont be too cold wet and windy
like in 2015 when several of the canvas Christmas food stalls were partly blown down.
Yes folks I'm afraid that Christmas once again started very early here in the UK. And once
Bonfire Night was out of the way things literally kicked off on Monday 6th November with
the early Christmas store sales and blanket tv coverage of festive commercials and several
Christmas tv movie and music channels. I wonder if we'll be plain burnt out by the time it
really arrives.

Above and below are a few pictures as well as a few gifs I made after filming a few bits on my phone.

Tumblr Beauty in a Well Lit Place!

Here's an exceptional tumblr which Neil sent me. It certainly is
packed with pages of beauty although the owner doesn't take
the time to name all or any of the amazing beauties on show.
And there's actually quite an interesting source for collectors
of Asian male beauty.


The model above is just one image I picked out for your Sunday viewing.
And of course we don't know who he is. It does look like an agency image.
But what symmetry and beauty all in that one picture.

Thanks to Neil for sending me the link. Of course you might know Neil from
 his popular tumblr SOLITUDE IS PARADOXICAL. And one imagines

that for as long as Trump has the keys to the White House, Neil is going to
be kept very busy on tumblr no matter how many times he gets nuked.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Ben by Mark Leon

Here's an eye catching model that I haven't heard about since posting up these
extraordinary images a year ago on my previous blog. Ben Cheetham was
captured in these wonderful images by Mark Leon for Dust Magazine.

And what suddenly brought Ben to my attention was that the photographer
recently posted up an outtake (above)  from that editorial on his INSTAGRAM.

But looking up Ben on the pages of Storm Models seems fruitless as he may
have discontinued any modelling activity with his previous agency.
But his old page from Storm can be found HERE.

Ben clearly hasn't yet given up modelling as he can be seen on the fashion
instagram pages of Unisex Clothing PINK&BLU

More images by Mark Leon for Dust Magazine can be
found on the pages of VANITY TEEN.


Dominic Blanchard

Hot Texan model Dominic Blanchard has been turning up in some
amazing photo editorials these last few months. And each one
seemingly bolder than the previous one. You do wonder what's
coming next.
These images below were for Desnudo Magazine and taken by
photographer Diontrae Jackson.

Further down below are some more images by Tony Veloz
as well as some outstanding black & whites by Blake Ballard.


More can be seen at MALE MODEL SCENE

Below images by TONY VELOZ
Tony Veloz

Above: Dominic via tumblr