Saturday, 16 December 2017

Chuando Tan... The Dorian Gray of The Far East

Chuando Tan is a former Singaporean male model. But what is extraordinary
about him is that he is 51. Which is why so many Asian media outlets are all
repeating each other in saying that Chuando has defied the natural ageing
process. But then has he really?
With Chuando's healthy lifelong lifestyle along with his rejection of modern day vices
like smoking, drinking and unhealthy eating,
is he not proof that any of us can look good at that age assuming we set out on
a healthy lifestyle in our early days.
Admittedly Chuando has the advantage of a gym toned body, but facially most
people take him for someone in their thirties.

Apparently he was a successful male model in Singapore during the 1980's
and 1990's and when the news got out about his age earlier this year the story went

More on Chuando's story can be found at STRAITSTIMES SINGAPORE.



Friday, 15 December 2017

French Beauty Paul Manniez

Above and below is French beauty from Paris, Paul Manniez
who recently appeared in a photo editorial for RAIN Online
Magazine with photography by Matthieu Dortomb.
Appearing alongside Paul is William Emult and Thomas

19 year old Paul is clearly the eye catching one and stands
out in these images. So naturally I was keen to look him up
in some other images.

More can be seen below.


Above and below: Paul Manniez by Mark Kean
for Self Service Magazine

Above: OMG... just stunning! And the stylist even gave
him a Sixties Mod hair style.
Below: More of Paul from his various portfolio images
Above images by Charlotte Lapalus

Monday, 11 December 2017

And The Snow Came

Well the predictions for Sunday here in London was for rain and more rain.
Instead we got snow and more snow. Quite a rarity down here in the South,
especially so close to Christmas.
So it looks like most of Britain got covered in a blanket of snow. So I thought
I'd pop over to the Heath and take a few pictures. Mind you after an hour of being
out in the cold it was a relief to get back home in the warm.

Once I'd defrosted myself I went to work on decorating our Christmas tree.
I managed to pick one up on Friday. Apparently it's a Nordmann Fir, although
not a potted one like last year's.

Interesting that while out in the snow this morning I must have seen about four
groups of people building snowmen. And they weren't kids but all adults, perhaps
nostalgic for the days when building snowmen wasn't such a rarity.

Tomorrow (Monday's) Daily Express headlines.